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Working with the community

Nicky Oliver has worked with Teenage Cancer Trust Charity,

Many Nhs Hospitals and the Little Princess Trust for several years giving consultations

and fitting wigs for those suffering hair loss due to illness or medical treatment.

He is now delighted that he has been appointed as the only Manchester city centre listed wig-fitting salon to The Christie hospital, by the leadingEuropean wig distributor Dimples, who have created a specific range of wigs which are available on NHS prescription.

Understanding the concerns of women requiring this service, Nicky has created a wig room in his Northern Quarter salon where clients can have complete privacy and benefit from a topcelebrity hairdresser discussing their needs, helping them to choose their wig and fitting and styling it for them 

Nicky Oliver said: “Hair loss can be a very traumatic experience and as a hairdresser I understand how important it is to choose the right wig.”

“I feel so honoured to work with these fantastic organizations to show patients that a wig, when correctly fitted and styled, is a great alternative to their own hair.”

“I want to prove to ladies that hair loss doesn’t mean you lose your identity and a high-quality wig can

be a real confidence boost! When I first meet a client with hair loss, their self-esteem can be at an all

time low, but by the time they leave wearing the right wig for them, they very often say that they feel like themselves again.”  


Dimples wigs

Nicky’s salon stocks Dimples Wigs, the leading distributor of wigs in Europe and the creators of a new range available on prescription.

The wigs are made using the finest materials so that the wig can be treated as if it were the patient’s own hair and can be styled by Nicky accordingly.

The company uses advanced construction techniques and revolutionary fibre technology to create wigs which are easy to wear and are natural looking.

The most recent addition to this range is the Feather Premier Collection which is available from Nicky Oliver’s Salon.

The collection is 100% handmade and uses the highest quality materials, including human hair, to produce the lightest, most comfortable wigs.

Nicky Oliver said: “I think it’s fantastic that we can provide such a huge choice of wigs at the salon, allowing clients to find the perfect wig for them.”

“The wide variety of Dimples and Feather Premier Collection wigs on prescription ensures that clients can find what they want, regardless of the cost.”


Wig Consultation and After Care

At Nicky Oliver Hairdressing, Nicky and his team provide a discreet service for clients looking to choose a wig. Nicky’s brand new wig room is a quiet, private area of the salon where patients can feel at ease whilst trying on wigs with Nicky’s guidance.

Nicky said: “It’s really important that customers feel comfortable when trying on wigs and that’s why I’ve created this very private room for fittings and consultation sessions.”

From here, clients will have their wigs fitted and styled for them by Nicky, to ensure the wig looks perfect for the patient. Nicky will also explain the different care procedures for the wigs and how to look after them to ensure that quality is maintained.

Nicky said: “Wigs need to be cared for in a different way to human hair, and it’s vital that clients use the right products on their wigs to preserve the colour and style.”

“I stock the specialist products needed to protect the wig and during the consultation will teach clients how to keep their wig clean and looking natural.”

“Some clients do find the wig after care a challenge so, here at my salon; I offer an in-house wig care service.”

The Nicky Oliver wig after care package allows clients to have a professional hairdresser care for their wig and also means they do not have to purchase the necessary wig care products.

Nicky Oliver said: “The consultation and after care sessions ensure that clients love their new style but also understand how to look after their wigs.”



Hospitals and Trusts we supply to:

  • The Christies Trust
  • North Manchester General Hospital
  • The Royal Oldham Hospital
  • Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology
  • Salford PCT
  • Royal Bolton Hospital
  • Wigan Hospital
  • Royal Blackburn Hospital
  • The Little Princess Charity



We also supply to many other hospitals, just ask for more information.







The Wig Room

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The Wig Room

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The Wig Room

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Nicky Oliver is delighted and proud to have his salon appointed as the only Manchester city centre approved wig-fitting salon to the world-renowned Christie Hospital. Nicky understands that hair loss can be a devastating experience and loves to show patients how choosing the correct wig can boost morale and raise confidence.Private wig room a great section of wigs with brands Dimples and the Feather collection and advice about wig aftercare.

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