Thinning Hair

Hair integration could be the way to thicker, fuller hair.

Hairdressers are often asked the simplest way to thicken hair and sometimes the answer can be as easy as looking at using different hair care products, like shampoo and conditioner for thinner, finer hair.  Sometimes you need more help as you have noticed that you have a thinning parting or crown, perhaps your hair has always been fine and thin and when you put your hair into a ponytail it doesn’t feel quite as full.

If you would like your hair to look and feel thicker but you don’t want to wear a wig. We can help by giving you a full consultation and if necessary recommend that you seek further advice.

However at Nicky Oliver we can offer immediate help by fitting a Hair Integration piece; the simplest and quickest way to thicken hair. Using a non-surgical procedure called Hair Integration; your own hair is blended with real hair that is attached to a custom-made mesh which is discreetly secured to your head.

Hair Integration is easy to fit using this procedure, causing no damage to your own hair, is removable, extremely wearable and we will teach you the simple and quick way to put it in and how to remove it. It adds volume and length to your existing style, plus looks very natural as it is made of premium quality real human hair and can be colour-matched to your own hair.

Experience a stunning, instant transformation with beautiful hair integration!

It’s like your own hair but fuller and thicker! In fact many ladies who are not experiencing hair thinning often use Hair Integration to change their look or keep up with latest hair trends.

Book a consultation and you will soon be enjoying thicker, fuller hair!

Consultation from £28.00


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